About us

Karin Brown founded the group in the spring of 1992. Karin had recently moved to Oakwood from Dallas where she had been active in a similar mothers group. She first talked with other mothers and members of the school administration to find out if the community would support such a group. The schools were enthusiastic about the idea because it could provide them with a feel for how many kindergartners they could expect in the coming years. (This was about the time that young families began to settle in Oakwood in higher numbers.)

An article was posted in the Oakwood Register and interested moms from Oakwood met to discuss forming a group. Around 15-20 women attended the first meeting, and the “Mothers of Oakwood Preschoolers” was born (a.k.a. MOPS). Planning occurred over the summer and the first regular monthly meeting occurred in September 1992 at the home of Allison Danis, with Donna Curry as the first speaker on the topic of developmental milestones of young children.

The group continued to meet monthly in members’ homes with speakers each month. The first few years focused on the monthly meetings and getting interesting speakers. It was also a wonderful way for mothers with young children to form new friendships. As we all know how tedious some days can be with our kids, Karin noted that the group provided a way to meet other mothers that gave you “affirmation that you weren’t losing your mind!” By the end of the first year, there were approximately 30 members.

In 1996, the national MOPS organization contacted the Oakwood group informing them that they could not use the licensed MOPS name. Consequently, a contest among the members was held to come up with a new name. Mothers of Oakwood Munchkins was chosen, which was shortened to the MOMs Group of Oakwood by the following year.

In 1996, under the leadership of Katie Reese, a weekly playgroup was started in the Oakwood Community Center basement. The song, crafts, snacks, and story time format we use today has its roots here. By meeting weekly, the mothers got to know each other better, and in the next few years, more activities began for the group: a newsletter, MOMs Night Out, field trips, book club, exercise group, book drive, and more. The group began to grow. In 2003, the MOMs Holiday Showcase was launched to provide exposure for many area moms who have home-based businesses. The first edition of the Referral Network became available as well.

In 2006, the Cooking Club was formed by a group of Moms who wanted to have the opportunity to share recipes in a fun environment. The Referral Network issued its second edition in 2006 as well. Over the years, different activities have come and gone, and existing activities have become more elaborate. MOMs is always evolving to meet the changing needs of the group.

In 2007, the Little Hands Big Hearts committee was formed by a group of MOMs who wanted to give their children the opportunity to experience giving back to those less fortunate. And, the Spring Fling was added to provide an opportunity for moms and dads to have an evening our with other Oakwood parents.


Past Presidents

1992 – 1994          Karin Brown

1994 – 1995          Mary Kay Buffington

1995 – 1996          Holly Nielson and Kathy Gaston (partial year)

1996 – 1997          Joan Hall and Katie Reese

1997 – 1998          Amy Deal and Maureen Wagner

1998 – 1999          Margie Howell and Aimee Millard

1999 – 2000          Julie Beyers and Sally Wagner

2000 – 2001          Jill Davis and Barbara Erbe

2001 – 2002          Gretchen Markert and Pam Morrow

2002 – 2003          Julie Teeters and Margot Varley

2003 – 2004          Shawn Fry and Wendy Kordik

2004 – 2005          Heather Ruetschle and Sybil Taylor

2005 – 2006          Sarah Lethander and Brenda Yeamans

2006 – 2007          Jan Swedlund and Megan Trout

2007 – 2008          Lindsay Fiesbeck and Angel Perkins

2008 – 2009          Dante Connell and Meredith Spitzmiller

2009 – 2010          Lauren Hemm and Liz Jacomet

2010 – 2011          Susan Usechak and Mackensie Wittmer

2011 – 2012          Ashely Coyne and Amanda Robb

2012 – 2013          Janet Cantrell and Amanda Hoying

2013 – 2014          Summer Merrill and Angela Mwandia

2014 – 2015          Rose Lounsbury and Tracy Staley

2015 – 2016          Meghan Currie and Lauren Kawai

2016 – 2017          Katie Gottesman and Amanda Krauss

2017 – 2018          Tami Galdeen and Dagmar Paul