Tweens / Teens

This group is part of the MOMs Group of Oakwood and is geared towards moms with older children who are in their tweens and teen years. If you have younger children and are curious and want to get a head start, you can participate too! We’ll be discussing issues that parents and children face when the kids are from about age 9 or 10 through high school. Join the MOMs of Oakwood Tweens and Teens Facebook group where questions can be posted, items can be bought and sold, and volunteer and fun activities are listed.


September 19 – Tween Mixer, 7:30pm

October 17 – Opioid Crisis, Drug Disposal & Pill Storage, 7:30pm

November 14 – Nutrition & Body Image, 7:30pm

December 12 – Holiday Cocktails & Traditions, 7:30pm

January 16 – “13 Reasons Why”, 7:30pm

February 13 – Dropping the W: From Tween to Teen, 7:30pm

March 13 – College Search, Scholarships & Financial Aid, 7:30pm

April 17 – Empowering Our Children & Empowering Ourselves, 7:30pm

May (TBD) – End of Year Picnic – Joint Event with MOMs Group