Welcome your new MOMs Co-Presidents

It's a new MOMs year and that comes with new MOMs Co-Presidents!! We couldn't be more pleased to announce the group's new co-presidents for the 2018-2019 year, Audra Jackson and Jill O'Connor. They have faithfully served our group in various positions, and we have been impressed by their dedication and leadership. We know they will be an excellent team! Congrats, ladies! Below is a little info about each of them.

Audra Jackson: I am a full time working mom to two small people, Nicholas (8) and Adriana (5). We also have a 3 year old Brittany Spaniel that occasionally escapes my yard that you will see me chasing.. My husband James is an orthopedic surgery resident at Grandview and is the reason why we moved to the area 3 years ago. We moved here from South Florida and have lived in Houston, TX and Georgia prior to that (nope, not even military). We met way before he decided to embark on this whole medical journey and I have been lucky enough to retain my position with a Florida-based software company along the way. This just means that even though I virtually report daily to the corporate headquarters, I do so from the comfort of my home wearing yoga pants ;) I am a not-so-competitive tennis player and tend to relieve all my stress on the Pilates reformer.

My realtor suggested I join the MOMs group even before we physically moved here! I have met all my closest friends from this amazing group of women and am so very thankful for its existence. For the past two years I have served on the Membership committee and dabbled in a little Scarecrow Row action. I am looking forward to passing the Membership torch to another deserving MOMs member. I doubt that Oakwood will be the final stop in our family’s medical career journey, so I am extremely thankful to be able to connect with all of the wonderful personalities that make up our diverse MOMs group and carry those relationships with me wherever we go.

Fun Fact: I was a “career” bartender for many years before turning in my shaker for the more family-friendly corporate business hours. Mixology is still a hobby I very much enjoy and you will find me crafting new (and sometimes weird) libation combinations. You can always message me to help with a recipe of your own or just stop by to be a tasting guinea pig!

Jill O’Connor: I am a full-time working wife and mother of 3 children. I grew up an hour north of Dayton in the land of cornfields and cows. I left very small town Ohio to attend Northwestern University in Chicagoland where I also played Big Ten volleyball. I spent 2 years working in downtown Chicago after undergrad and ventured back to Ohio for grad school. I obtained my master’s degree as a Physician Assistant from the University of Toledo. I have worked as an orthopedic surgery PA for 9 years and currently work for a private, Dayton-based orthopedic surgery group specializing mostly in trauma.

I met my husband, Don, a dam civil engineer (literally) and native Daytonian in Toledo where we started our family. Declan, 7, is a friendly, inquisitive and bright boy who will be a 2nd grader at Smith. Evelyn, 6, is a sweet, helpful & creative girl who will be a 1st grader at Smith. Reyna is a tough, smart and energetic 3½ year old heart baby who attends World of Love. We moved to Oakwood 3 years ago to be closer to family and create our permanent home. We didn’t know at the time our “family” would grow tremendously to also include various local residents. The MOMs group played a huge part in making Oakwood feel truly like home. I soon realized I wasn’t the only overwhelmed, yoga-pant wearing mom. I quickly made friends, had an effortless social life and access to never-ending advice & recommendations. I have worked on various MOMs committees including Major Events, Moms Night Out and Relay for Life. I look forward to furthering my role in the MOMs group as one of the 2018-2019 co-presidents! I can’t wait to meet many of you and build lasting friendships! This will be a great year!

Fun Facts:
1 – I am a nerd. I have spreadsheets for everything.
2 – I own my own bowling ball & shoes.
3 – I used to cut the brains out of baby mice for stem cell research.

Wow… those 3 facts really make me sound like a dork. I swear Myers Briggs considers me an extravert.

Congrats and thank you ladies for your service to this group!

Audra, Dagmar, Tami & Jill

Audra, Dagmar, Tami & Jill