Guidelines for MOMs of Oakwood

Mission Statement: The MOMs of Oakwood is a group of mothers committed to supporting one another as we raise our children in Oakwood and nearby communities in the Miami Valley.


  • Respect

  • Community

  • Outreach

Conduct Expectations: Members will demonstrate respectful communication and behavior with each other both in-person and online. Whenever possible, members will discuss grievances with the co-presidents (or appropriate committee member) before discussing with the membership at large.

Release of Liability: The MOMs of Oakwood holds various events and gatherings throughout the year.  Each member, on behalf of herself, her spouse, her heirs, and her assigns, knowingly and voluntarily assumes all risks associated with attending such events or gatherings, and assumes full responsibility for any losses, damages or personal injury, including death, sustained as a result of such attendance. Each member further releases and forever discharges, to the fullest extent legally permitted, the MOMs of Oakwood, and its trustees, officers, employees, and agents from all claims, including claims arising out of the MOMs negligence, for injuries, damages, or losses of any kind that may arise out of participation in such events or activities.

Photo Disclaimer: The MOMs of Oakwood reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken at any event sponsored by MOMs of Oakwood, without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. MOMs of Oakwood may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced, used or contracted by MOMs of Oakwood including but not limited to: directory of members, brochures, invitations, websites, etc. To ensure the privacy of children, images will not be identified using full names or personal identifying information without written approval from the photographed subject, parent or legal guardian. A person attending a MOMs of Oakwood event who does not wish to have their image recorded for distribution should make their wishes known to the photographer, and/or the event organizers, and/or contact, in writing of his/her intentions and include a photograph. MOMs of Oakwood will use the photo for identification purposes and will hold it in confidence. By participating in a MOMs of Oakwood event or by failing to notify MOMs of Oakwood, in writing, your desire to not have your photograph used by MOMs of Oakwood, you are agreeing to release, defend, hold harmless and indemnify MOMs of Oakwood from any and all claims involving the use of your picture or likeness.

Any person or organization not affiliated with MOMs of Oakwood may not use, copy, alter or modify MOMs of Oakwood photographs, graphics, videography or other, similar reproductions or recordings without the advance written permission of an authorized designee from MOMs of Oakwood.


The term of membership for the MOMs of Oakwood is 12 months starting mid-August. If you want to continue your membership, then you need to renew each year. Members must live in Oakwood, OH and the surrounding communities in the Miami Valley (exceptions made for those moving into the area or those that have moved out but still own property in the area).

The group’s schedule of events follows the traditional school calendar, running from mid-August through late May. In order to attend events and have access to Facebook and email, members must pay dues during this time frame.

We do allow members to join during the summer for a reduced rate; however, these members must pay dues again when events begin in the fall.


To be included in the directory, members must enroll online and pay dues during the FALL DRIVE PERIOD, which runs from mid-August – September 20th.  

Members who join after September 20th will not be included in the printed directory, but will still have access to our events and communications. Members who join after September 20th have the option to receive directories if extra copies are available.

If a returning member has not paid dues by the end of the fall drive period, he/she will be deleted from the Yahoo Group email and Facebook group and have their online account deactivated until dues are paid.


  1. To join each year, all members must fill out the membership questionnaire on the website.

  2. Members must also pay dues.

  3. Upon completion of questionnaire and receipt of dues, members will be invited to join our email list and Facebook groups.

  4. Dues can be paid by cash, check, or debit/credit card.


  • Annual dues are $25 when joining between Aug. 12 and May 31. If you are joining between June 1 and Aug. 11, dues are $15 for the three month period.

  • Members can pay dues at the Oakwood Ice Cream Social, Farmer’s Market (on specified date), Fall Mixer, New Member Coffee, or by mailing a check, made out to MOMs of Oakwood, to

    MOMs of Oakwood, PO Box 144, Oakwood, OH 45409.

  • Checks must include name, address, phone number, and email address.

  • Payment via credit/debit card.

  • Dues are nonrefundable.


  • Member fills out membership questionnaire.

  • Member pays dues according to scale outlined above.


  • Membership inquiries received via email will be directed back to the website.


  • New members will be added on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Proper Use of Membership Directory: The information in the printed directory is intended for use within the group only. Photocopying or using the directory for business mailers is prohibited.


Co-Presidents *Incoming co-presidents will actively lead the group while outgoing co-presidents will serve in a mentorship role.

  • Work collaboratively to lead the group

  • Solicit and support committee volunteers

  • Model and maintain principles of respect, community, and outreach within the group

  • Represent the MOMs group within the larger Dayton community

Treasurer *This is a three-year commitment. Year 1: Apprentice role. Years 2 and 3: Serve as Treasurer and Mentor to incoming treasurer.

  • Work with co-presidents to set budgets and communicate budgets to committee members.

  • Update membership spreadsheet as dues are paid.

  • Halfway through the year, communicate with co-presidents and committees regarding budget use and remaining balances.

  • Reimburse committee members for expenses.

Membership Committee *Incoming team will actively serve as the committee, while outgoing committee will serve in a mentorship role.

  • Assist with management of online Membership Portal and Directory

  • Communicate with Treasurer regarding deadline for dues and member payments

  • Provide simple information about how to join for distribution at Ice Cream Social and New Member events

  • Attend Ice Cream Social, Oakwood Farmers’ Market, New Member events, Fall Mixer, and other events as needed to assist members with signup

  • Create, produce, and distribute printed Membership Directory

Website/Facebook/Email Coordinator

  • Serve as primary administrator of MOMs Facebook Groups

  • Assist new members with gaining access to Yahoogroups email

  • Update Website

  • Delete unpaid members from Facebook and Yahoogroups after the Fall Membership Drive

New Member Committee

  • Communicate with potential new members to generate awareness of the group’s various events and the membership process

  • Email new members to welcome them to the group. (Membership and new member committee will work together to decide how new member committee will be informed of new members to contact)

  • Plan New Member Coffee and Fall Mixer Pre-Party in September and another new member event in January

  • Coordinate with Co-Presidents to plan Ice Cream Social and Oakwood Farmers’ Market sign up booths

  • Greet potential new members at Ice Cream Social and Oakwood Farmers’ Market sign-up booths, New Member events, Fall Mixer, and other events as needed and throughout the year and provide them with information about the Group

  • Possibly distribute fliers/brochures at local establishments, such as the OCC and Wright Library

MOMs Playgroup and Coffee Meetup

  • Determine playgroup format and solicit volunteers for snack/craft/story

  • Open OCC room for playgroup and return key when room is empty and clean

  • Communicate with OCC staff about time, keys, etc.

  • Coordinate several times during year to sort through and clean toys

  • Solicit donations for new toys from members as needed

  • Coordinate with Treasurer regarding an end-of-year donation to OCC

Major Events Committee

  • Work with Co-Presidents to oversee and plan Fall Mixer, Spring Fling, and Spring Picnic

  • Determine locations and formats for Fall Mixer, Spring Fling, and Spring Picnic

  • Work within budget to plan food, drinks, decor, etc.

  • Recruit sponsors and door prize donors, if necessary

  • Coordinate set-up and clean-up

  • Create Facebook events and send email reminders to promote major events

Super MOMs Development Series Committee

  • Oversee and plan monthly development events (topics, speakers, format, etc.)

  • Arrange hosts for monthly events

  • Create a calendar of development events for the year

  • Create Facebook events and send email reminders to promote development events

  • Communicate with host prior to event

  • Confirm presenter 2 weeks prior and 2 days Prior

  • Coordinate back-up plan in case of cancellation

  • Send thank-you note to host and presenter

MOMs Night Out (MNO) Committee

  • Oversee and plan monthly MNO events (reservations, drink specials, etc.)

  • Create a calendar of MNO events for the year

  • Create Facebook events and send email reminders to promote MNO events

Cooking Club Committee

  • Oversee and plan monthly cooking club events (themes, hosts, etc.)

  • Arrange hosts for monthly events

  • Determine voting process and monthly prize

  • Create a calendar of cooking club events for the year

  • Create Facebook events and send email reminders to promote cooking club events

  • Provide small thank you gift for hosts

Book Club Committee

  • Oversee and plan monthly book club events (book selections, hosts, etc.)

  • Arrange hosts for monthly events

  • Determine book selection process and format for discussion

  • Create a calendar of book club events for the year

  • Create Facebook events and send email reminders to promote book club events

  • Provide small thank you gift for hosts

Field Trip Committee

  • Oversee and plan monthly field trips (locations, reservations, etc.)

  • Create a calendar of field trips for the year

  • Create Facebook events and send email reminders to promote field trips

  • Confirm field trips with locations 2 weeks prior and 2 days prior

Moms of Teens/Tweens

  • Oversee and plan speakers, social events, and other events of interest for moms of Teens/Tweens

  • Create a calendar of Teens/Tweens for the year

  • Serve as admin for Moms of Teens/Tweens Facebook page

  • Create Facebook events and send email reminders to promote Teens/Tweens events

Courtesy Meals Committee

  • Create Meal Trains and solicit volunteers to make meals for members in need

  • Provide volunteers with necessary information (address, dietary restrictions, etc.)

  • Promote courtesy meals throughout the year as a service of the group

Little Hands, Big Hearts Committee

  • Use budgeted funds to oversee and plan philanthropic activities for MOMs and children

  • Create a calendar of philanthropic activities for the year

  • Create Facebook events and send email reminders to promote activities


  • Collect photos and/or memorabilia about MOMs activities, events, and members

  • Create a scrapbook or photo book at the end of the year

Scarecrow Row Committee   

  • Organize and plan meetings with team to brainstorm a theme and create scarecrow display. Theme must be approved by Co-Presidents.

  • Assemble and tear-down Scarecrow Row display with team

Choosing New Co-Presidents: Co-presidents are chosen each spring based upon nominations from the group. The current co-presidents will consider all nominations and choose the following year’s co-presidents based on nominees’ compatibility and committee experience.


Respectful posting: Please refrain from religious and political posts (when in doubt, please contact a co-president before posting). Please use polite and considerate language and resolve conflicts privately. When posting a negative review of a business or service provider, please use good judgment.  This is a closed group.  Content on this board is for MOMs members only and is not to be shared outside this group in any form.  Posts are not pre-screened or approved in any way by MOMs, and may not reflect the views of all MOMs members.

Buying, Selling, Giving away: Nothing bought or sold on the MOMs of Oakwood Facebook page is guaranteed by the group to work or be safe for use. Be cautious about sharing private information when arranging for pick up.

Businesses: No outside businesses can post directly to the page, however, members are welcome to share information about their own businesses (for example, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, or other member-owned businesses) on a day designated by the co-presidents. If in doubt, please contact a co-president before posting.

Fundraising: Members may post general announcements about fundraising when they or their child are one of many raising funds for a particular cause (school, scouting troop, sports team, etc.) For example: “Smith School students are selling popcorn this fall. You can buy through any Smith family. The deadline is May 1.” However, if the member or child is raising money for a personal cause or for something in which few, if any, Oakwood MOMs families are participating, posts are permitted.  For example, “My daughter is selling lemonade at our yard sale next week to raise money for the Relay for Life.” or “My son is selling poinsettias to raise money for his youth group trip. To learn more, visit xxxx.” Members should exercise good judgment whenever posting fundraising information and consider whether or not the fundraiser is of particular interest to our group. When in doubt, please contact a co-president before posting.

MODIFYING GUIDELINES: These guidelines are intended for use as a fluid document to guide this group. The guidelines should be annually reviewed and updated. The co-presidents may make minor changes as they see fit. However, significant changes that would affect the membership at large should be made with the majority consent of committee members.