The term of membership for the MOMs of Oakwood Group (The Acorn Collective) is 12 months starting on August 12th. Members will renew each year. MOMs of Oakwood events follow the traditional school calendar, running from mid-August through late May. In order to attend events and have access to Facebook and email, members must pay dues during this time frame. Members are able to join during the summer for a reduced rate; however, these members must pay dues again when events begin in the fall.

How to Join:

• To join each year, all members must fill out the membership questionnaire.
• Members must also pay dues
• Upon completion of questionnaire and receipt of dues, members will be invited to join our email list and Facebook groups.
• Dues can be paid by cash, check, or PayPal.

Payment via Cash or Check:

Checks can be mailed in to the below address (please include name, address and phone number on the check):

MOMs of Oakwood
PO Box 144
Oakwood, OH 45409

Payment via PayPal (note that PayPal may charge you a fee for this service):

Visit and log in to your account. Input the email address: . When prompted, enter the dollar amount of dues to be paid following the scale below (generally $25). In the “Notes” section, include your name as you input on this membership form. Submit your payment following the prompts.

Also note that dues can be paid in-person at the Ice Cream Social, at the First Day of School Reception, at the Oakwood Farmers’ Market, at the at the New Member Coffee, or at the Fall Mixer.


  • Annual dues are $25 when joining between August 12 and May 31. For members who join between June 1 and August 12, dues are prorated $15 for the three month period.

  • Dues are nonrefundable.

Membership Deadline:

To be included in the directory, members must fill out the membership questionnaire and pay dues during the fall drive period, which runs from August 12th – September 20th.
If a returning member has not paid dues by the end of the fall drive period, they will be deleted from the Yahoo Group email and Facebook group until dues are paid.